Bettering Customer Experience


Enterprise Solutions

Intelligent Enterprise , decoupled architecture with Business Process Automation, Intelligent communications, intelligent Automation and intelligent customer 360 blended with Artificial intelligence and machine learning to achieve better customer experience..


Intelligent Customer 360

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Intelligent Automation

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Customer Expereince

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Intelligent Customer 360

Salesforce Einstein - Deliver AI benefits as limitless as your data.

Deliver smarter, personalized and more predictive customer experiences using intelligent Sales, marketing and Services automation with the power of AI..


sales reps with
Sales Cloud Einstein


service agents with
Service Cloud Einstein


marketing with
Marketing Cloud Einstein

Build a complete view of your customers and deliver the seamless experiences they expect.
Connect to your customers in a whole new way with Salesforce ,the world’s #1 CRM platform.



Intelligent automation is a combination of RPA AI, Digital components


Intelligent Automation in Industies

Derived from Industry use case experiences and Evolved from Digital Technology exposures

Freezone & Properties

Transform the way to interact with Your customers

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Property & Realestate

Creating Seamless customer journey with Marketing, Sales and Service Automation

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Transportation & Logistics

Enabling Mobility as an Experience in the 4th industry revolution

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Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution

Connecting the Customers and Supplier together & engage with Omni Channel

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Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Medical

Seamless Patient journey, attention is in need is the best services indeed

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Banking & Insurance

Enhance customer experience with intelligent Digital technologies

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Customer Experience

A combination of Intelligent Communications , Data and User Experience.

Enabling intelligent customer 360 view , better decision making with trusted data and seamless experience with intelligent interface



Bringing all communications under one Platform with AI Enabled Omni channel

  • Lead Management &Customer Onboarding
  • Customer support via Whatsapp
  • 24/7 Virtual Assistance to share brochures and documents on demand


Intelligent Components

  • Earth, country, city and community view
  • Amenities , villas, flats 360 view
  • Floor Plan
  • Virtual reality walk through inside the properties

Virtual Reality

Creating a Virtual center for sales, Learning and development, Where the reach is difficult