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Salesforce Einstein - Deliver AI benefits as limitless as your data.
Deliver smarter, personalized, and more predictive customer experiences using intelligent Marketing, Sales & Service automation with the power of AI.

Build a complete view of your customers and deliver the seamless experiences they expect.

your customer with Digital Omnichannel

AI Chatbot
Voice & Video
Social Channel

implement chatbot

Intelligent Automation

is a combination of RPA, AI, Digital components

Introduce Digital worker with Artificial intelligence to enable your employees to engage your customer in more personalized manner with Human intelligence.
  • Customer Services
  • HR & Operations
  • Finance & Compliance
  • Supply Chain Management

Enterprise Integrations

  • Informatica
  • OIC (Oracle cloud integrator)
  • HCI (SAP Han Cloud integrator)
  • Mulesoft
  • WebService Integrations
  • SAP, Oracle Ebiz & Cloud, Microsoft and Legacy ERP
  • CTI
  • DocuSign
  • Mulesoft
  • DMS and Sharepoint
Smaartt Industry Components
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Proof of Value,

A combination of Strategy, Operation and Technology.

Showcase value through Identified use cases, engage live POC, Conduct cost-benefit Analysis, identify challenges, risks & compliance in terms of People, Process, Technology & Data.

Align leadership, Discover "the best Fit" business use cases and define the Digital Transformation roadmap.


Implement, Own, and Accelerate Your Digital Future!

Implement Best Fit leading Digital technologies and enable Cognitive AI tools for HyperFast ROI, Success.

Our evolved project success delivery model is a combination of the Waterfall and Agile framework with well-defined project governance.

The Operational CoE allows for rapid transformation by identifying key team members from your organization, controlling associated risks, enabling upskill development, creating cognizance among stakeholders, involve during implementation, and building them to be part of the Center of Excellence.


Run & Improve

Adoption to enable Insightful decision making

Identify the areas of improvement by Conducting open house sessions. An inclusive approach to improving Adoption.

Engage users to identify the gaps with the live run, we build and improve.

Setting up world-class governance and best-practices with
  • Architectural Review
  • SOD Review
  • Fit Gap Analysis


Digital transformation is not a destination, it’s a journey . . .

Align leadership, we enable to convert their Digital transformation vision to practical reality.

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