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Derived from Industry use case experience and evolved from Digital Technology exposure.


Freezone, Properties & Real Estate


Travel, Transport & Logistics


Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution


Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Medical

Explore Industries

# Freezone, Properties &. Real Estate

Creating Seamless customer journey with Marketing, Sales and Service Automation

  • Digital onboarding
  • Investor journey
  • Interactive Sales
  • Property Inventory Management
  • Lease Management
  • Broker Management
  • Customer care, collections, and recovery
  • PDC Management
  • Revenue recognition
  • Customer Community Management
  • Facility Management
  • Omnichannel communication
# Travel, Transport & Logistics

Enabling Mobility as an Experience in the 4th industry revolution

  • Maintenance OnDemand Services
  • Limousine Booking and Dispatch Automation
  • Smart Workshops Automation
  • Tyre Rethreading Automation
  • OnDemand Location sharing
  • Vehicle Inspection services
  • Rental and leasing
  • Chauffeur and limousine services
  • Vehicle On-Boarding
# Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution

Connecting the Customers and Supplier together & engage with Omni Channel

  • Customers, Suppliers, and Channel partner onboarding
  • Customer profiling & Credit rating
  • Account planning and forecast
  • Lead Management and tender management
  • Complex pricing and CPQ
  • Self-service quote and RFQ
  • Customer & Channel partner portal
  • Sales order management
  • Production status and delivery status
  • Invoices, receipts, and Statement of Accounts
  • Customer care and services
  • On-Demand Maintenance services
# Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Medical

Seamless Patient journey | An attention in need is the best services indeed,

Together, we can help you accelerate acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation. Your team can focus on what matters most: patients and members.

  • Customer profiling
  • Personalized 1-to-1 customer journeys.
  • Deliver better care with a single view of the patient.
  • OnDemand VIP Treatment
  • Pricing & Quote Automation
  • Patient Onboarding Automation
  • Government and statutory compliance
  • Medical Value Tourism Components
  • Insurance Validation & Appointment Confirmation
  • Online pharmacy, order management
  • Products, pricing, and approval
  • Customer services management
# Marketing

Smarter marketing starts here — with 1-to-1 customer journeys. Marketers can create seamless experiences at every touchpoint with their brands.

  • Engage customers with one integrated platform to unify sales, service, and marketing
  • Connect across every channel, on any device
  • Guide customers from awareness to advocacy — and everything in between
  • Make your marketing team smarter and more productive
  • Trust the platform that puts security and scalability first
  • B2B marketing & B2C marketing
  • Social listening, Social media marketing &Target audience marketing
  • Marketing ROI with real-time Dashboard and Reports
  • Data Management Platform &Business intelligence tool integration
  • Digital Customer engagement
  • Lead creation, Data pooling & collection
# Sales

Enabling Sales With Intelligent Customer 360

you can find selling opportunities throughout your business, from lead to customer, to advocate. Salesforce helps by delivering a lightning-fast user experience with a layer of artificial intelligence to help everyone be more productive from anywhere.

  • Lead management and Round robin assignment
  • Lead form integration with website and social channels
  • Account Planning and Activity planning
  • Telesales
  • Product and complex pricing automation
  • Quote and proposal.
  • Sales order, invoice, receipts, and SOA
  • Customers, broker, agency, channel partner portals
  • Self-services quote generation
  • B2B and B2C community portal
  • Forecasting and Revenue Analysis
# Services

Omnichannel Service

Today’s connected customers expect service to be as instant, easy, and personalized as their personal conversations in their private lives. But to deliver truly great customer service, you need to engage on your customers’ terms – in the right place, at the right time, every time

  • Service request
  • Case assignments and automation
  • CTI integration
  • Cloud call center
  • SLA and knowledge base
  • Customer retention
  • Digital engagements
  • Social case automation
# Communities

Deliver connected digital experiences across any channel.

  • Customer community
  • Channel partner
  • Agency & Business introducer
  • Broker portal
  • B2B portal
  • B2C portal
  • G2B & B2C
  • Employee portal
  • Students and parents portal
# Finance

Robotic Process Automation in Finance

  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Utility bill reconciliations
  • Journal Entries
  • Payroll management
  • Reconciliations & Consolidations
  • Period End closures
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Direct and indirect tax management
  • Transaction processing
  • Vendor management
  • Data management
  • Clearance and deferments
# HR & Operations

Engage employees with Intelligent Automation & Intelligent Communication.

  • Employee onboarding
  • Residence Visa processing, Visa renewals, and Visa cancellations
  • Employee credentialing
  • IT Equipment administration
  • Employee attendance management
  • Payroll management
  • Manpower planning
  • Staffing and scheduling
  • Exit management
  • Employee insurance management
  • Employee data management
  • System access set up
  • Employee reviews

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