Go Digital, Be Smart

Unlocking the potential of Intelligent Enterprise Digital technologies

Enabling “The Intelligent Enterprise” for tomorrow

Derived from Industry use case and evolved from Digital technology exposures, Smaartt Excellence built a framework with collaborating with building intelligent customer 360 using Salesforce Capabilities, Intelligent Automation using Blueprism Robotics capabilities and Intelligent Communications and User Experiences using Twilio.

Key SuccessFactors of the achieving “The Intelligent Enterprise“ are identify the similar industry use case and use the refined and trusted data.

Consulting Digital Transformation

Align leadership, identify the Possibilities to translate vision by engaging with Business & IT , Discover “the best Fit “ business use cases and define the roadmap.

Those who thrive in the digital economy, they will need to focus:

Intelligent Digital Proof of Value

A combination of strategy, operations and technology.

Build Live POC for identifying real time challenges and building confidence to the stake holder and echo system.

Showcase value through identified use cases, engage live POC, Conduct cost benefit Analysis, identify challenges, risk & compliance in terms of People, Process, Technology & Data.


Jointly build the digital transformation strategy and define the road map



Identify the operations where is an opportunity to introduce Digital transformation



Identify the right technologies for building up the proof of values with use cases


Intelligent Enterprise Operational CoE



Scale your enterprise with Digital center of excellence

The Center of Excellence (CoE) allows for rapid transformation by identifying key team members from your organization, controlling associated risks, enabling upskill development, creating awareness among stakeholders, involve during implementation and building them to be part of Center of Excellence.

Smaartt Project success framework is developed with a well-defined delivery governance.


Governance, Audit and Review

Intelligent Communication
Architectural Review

Align with the Enterprise cumulate system landscape and review the architecture, identify and recommend the redesign/amendment

Augumented Reality
SOD Review

Segregation of Duties to ensure data protection and Govern the roles and responsibilities

Interactive Sales
Fit Gap Analysis

Analyze the process Gap , Recommend best fit industry use case to adopt maximum standards

Your digital journey starts here..

Unlocking the potential of AI, RPA, IoT and Salesforce


Own, accelerate your digital future!

Implement Best Fit leading BPA, MXA RPA, Cognitive and AI tools to work in your organization. Smaartt Project Success delivery model is combination of Waterfall and Agile.

Run & Improve

Improve Adoption and enable Insightful decision making

Identify the are of improvements and expansion possibilities and deploy Conduct Open-House Training & Adoption sessions to i mprove adoption rate to maximum Monitor and improve the identified gap to build and deploy.

Operate & Transfer

Upskill the customer to operate Independently & Sustain

Sustain the digital operations and provide Knowledge transfer to enable client to operate Cross/up skill training to build inhouse capabilities to sustain. The operational Center of Excellence drive further to achieve the vision set for.

Rent a Digital Worker

Rent a BOT, augmented, digital worker for your critical work as and when required Benefits- low cost of ownership, pay as you go option, accuracy, 24/7 availability Intelligent enterprise enable digitally enhance,cognitive in nature.

Break-Fix Support

Our Plug in play solutions and on organization’s business continuity, we provide on demand and ad hoc Support for Salesforce, Robotics, Twilio projects. Our Break fix support services work for one day of a job or 100 days of job.