Unlocking the potential of

Intelligent Enterprise Digital technologies


Industry Components

  • Properties and Real Estate
  • Broker Management
  • Smaartt Search and Payment comparison
  • Dynamic Booking Form, SPA, lease Agreements and contracts
  • Complex pricing and Quote
  • Promotions , Discounts , incentives and commissions
  • Tyre Rethreading process
  • Media Flat page
  • Insurance Self service
  • Facility Management
  • Help Desk and intelligent Meeting
  • Vehicle Rental and Leasing
  • Travel and tourism management
  • On Demand Maintenance Services
  • Interactive Sales and Virtual walk through)

Derived from Industry use case experiences and Evolved from Digital technology exposures

Delivering Unmatched Customer Experience With Smaartt Intelligent Digital Framework



Intelligent Automation

A combination of RPA AI, Digital components

  • Limousine Muti channel bookings and fleet Dispatch
  • AP Reconciliations
  • Insurance applications and eligibility check
  • Fuel ( Enoc & Adnoc ) and Salik
  • Security Clearance
  • Visa applications, stamping, renewals & cancellations
  • Utility bill reconciliations ( Dewa, Sewa, Fewa,Etisalat,Du )

Intelligent Communication

Bringing all communications under one Platform with AI Enabled Omni channel

Salesforce Support In Dubai
Customer Onboarding and Customer support via Whatsapp
Salesforce Internet of things – IoT
24/7 Virtual Assistance to share brochures and documents on demand

AutoPilot & WhatsApp

  • Lead management & Customer onboarding
  • Property & Brochure display via whatsapp
  • Customer services requests and status via whatsapp

Twilio Flex

Enabling Omni channel with voice, text, video, Social and connect the customer real time with the channel customer prefer.

Salesforce Partner in Dubai, UAE

Hyperfast ROI, Success

Smaartt Intelligent Digital Industry components Derived from Industry use case experiences and Evolved from Digital technology exposures

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