Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connects You with Hyperconnected Customers on Omnichannel

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connects You with Hyperconnected Customers on Omnichannel

The future of marketing has never been so exciting. Thanks to the rise of the hyperconnected and multi-device consumer, we have new ways to reach customers wherever they are — and Marketing Cloud is the best way to reach them. These six technology shifts are happening right now, which enable marketers to revolutionize the customer experience:



Cloud technology brings unparalleled computing power straight to marketers’ fingertips. With Marketing Cloud, every innovation is built on Salesforce’s trusted, multi-tenant platform.



Email remains an innovative, high-ROI marketing channel. Consumers now read email more on mobile than desktop, so wherever they go, email goes with them.



Customers constantly find new places to spend time digitally — and Marketing Cloud lets marketers join them, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram, or somewhere new.



For the first time ever, humanity has a unifying technology platform that lets people reach each other anytime, anywhere: mobile. With Marketing Cloud, be wherever your customers are.


Data Science:

Personalization is the bedrock of modern marketing. If we have data about our customers, we can personalize every message precisely for them. Marketing Cloud empowers you to do just that.


Internet of Things (IoT):

 The IoT creates a new level of rich context for marketers to understand customer needs and wants. With Marketing Cloud and IoT Cloud, your marketing can be as connected as your customers.

All these shifts combined have blended the physical and digital world. This blended world creates a unique opportunity for marketers to lead the expanded customer experience and manage it with digital tools — including ads, Web, email, mobile, apps, service, and much more.

Marketing Cloud lets you use all of these tools to reach your customers.