How Salesforce Einstein Helps to Improves Business Efficiency?

How Salesforce Einstein Helps to Improves Business Efficiency

There are so many misconceptions about artificial intelligence – from evil movie robots to computers plotting to take our jobs – that many people may assume it’s too difficult or risky to even fool with.

It’s not. We have three easy ways any business can use Salesforce Einstein AI. First, some news that may come as a relief: This is going to be way easier than you might think. And if you have questions, we have answers here.

Einstein is already seamlessly integrated into the entire Salesforce platform and in the workflows and tools, you’re already using every day. To use it, you don’t have to do any data preparation or manage models. Einstein works with the flip of a switch inside Salesforce to automatically make you smarter and more predictive about your customers.

How? Einstein leverages all the data in Salesforce—customer data; activity data from Chatter, email, calendars and ecommerce; social data streams such as tweets and images; and even IoT signals—to train predictive models and figure out what has and hasn’t worked in the past. From there Einstein can make recommendations on what you should do more and less of. Like what? Three everyday business activities you are probably already doing without the benefit of Einstein’s data insights.


Predict which sales leads and opportunities will convert:

Don’t keep going down dead ends. Keep your business moving forward by deploying AI-powered business processes and workflows based on Einstein predictions and recommendations.


Understand which articles and replies will help resolve service cases:

Don’t frustrate your customers by starting on their service issues with a blank slate. Einstein can help you resolve issues fast and free up agents time by suggesting the best knowledge articles to share and steps to take. You can even deliver the on-demand support customers want using AI chatbots with Einstein’s natural language processing and your Salesforce data.


Gain insight into how marketing emails will perform:

Don’t send emails that guess at your customers’ needs. See what has connected in the past and double down on that. Prominently display timely, relevant material to customers. Instantly connect them with the right information or product, or tailor offers based on their intents, interests, or past behaviors.

Einstein doesn’t stop with sales, service, and marketing. You can apply the power of artificial intelligence to every customer interaction and business process, regardless of your company’s size or industry.