Salesforce Digital Engagement

Salesforce Digital Engagement

Salesforce Digital Engagement is to Engage with customers on any device to deliver exceptional experiences. Sales reps who use the Lightning Sales Console can use digital channels to stay in touch with prospects. Digital channels include multiple types of messaging apps and chat. Plus, Omni-Channel lets sales managers route communications to the right sales team. High-Velocity Sales users can use digital channels from the workflow queue.


What is Digital Engagement?

Digital engagement. It’s a term that describes how companies engage with customers across all digital touchpoints, including mobile messaging, web chat, social networks, and more — to provide a seamless service experience with all on the #1 platform for service. While providing a consistent customer experience. Typically, a customer’s journey includes marketing, selling, and servicing in a way that lets them switch between multiple channels without interrupting a positive experience.


Features of Digital Engagement:

Digital Engagement features apply to Service Cloud and Sales Cloud.



 Unify your channels and manage your sales reps’ workload. Route work requests to the most available and qualified sales rep.


Channel-Object linking:

Create rules to quickly link channel interactions to objects such as Contacts. Fine-tune rules so that linking happens automatically or so that sales reps are prompted with suggested records to link.



When prospects visit your website, reach out to them with timely information and keep them on your site. Increase sales rep productivity by allowing them to engage with multiple prospects at the same time.


Einstein Bots:

Free up your sales reps’ time by handling routine requests and gathering information to help with the upcoming chat. For example, collect lead information through a bot conversation instead of a web form. Qualify and route lead to the right team. If you use High-Velocity Sales, the route leads to sales cadences.



Automatically follow up on leads by sending SMS text messages after the web form is filled out. High-Velocity Sales users can complete tasks and follow up on leads via SMS right from their Work Queue. Build one-on-one relationships and engage with key customers.


Digital Engagement Channels:


Call Center & Open CTI:

Boost phone productivity by integrating Salesforce with third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems. See Salesforce data for incoming calls, make outgoing calls directly from the console, and report on call outcome, duration, and more.


Self-Service Communities:

Help customers find answers, log cases, and update orders on their own from web communities. Customize, create, and brand communities with easy-to-use templates, components, and apps.


Social Customer Service:

Help support agents listen, respond, and log cases for customers on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Use keywords, classifiers, and language detection to make sure that agents find the right posts and work the right issues.


Snap-ins for Mobile & SOS:

service to mobile apps so that customers can get help from apps on phones and tablets. With an SDK (software development kit), developers can let customers create and manage cases, live chat with support agents, video chat and screen share with agents (SOS), and view knowledge base articles on the go.


Field Service:

Support onsite visits out in the field with mobile solutions like job schedules, van inventory, and more—with or without web connections.