How to Create a Salesforce Dashboard

How to Create a Salesforce Dashboard

Salesforce Dashboards permits you to deliver decisions and take measures. The salesforce dashboard empowers you to give different adjacent reports through dashboard components present on the dashboard page menu. At times on the off chance that you need to see in-details to sum things up, especially as indicated by the end-users and device utilized, go to the dashboard, your service for illustrating and displaying the salesforce data in a pictorial structure. Through salesforce dashboard components, you can customize how data is characterized, outlined, and displayed for each component.


Features of Salesforce Dashboard


1.Dashboard Editor:

It is a noticeable drag and drops tool mechanism which is utilized to make new dashboards and change the accessible dashboards. It is where we can arrange, insert and alter the components of the dashboard. To start with a new dashboard, select “New Dashboard”.


2. Components:

The dashboard comprises of a few components, and each component contains a metric or chart that shows data from a specific report. Numerous segments or components can show data from different reports.


3. End-user:

In salesforce, various clients will have various benefits to utilize the data. A dashboard displays the information that the client working in the dashboard can get to.


4. Filters:

It lets the per users of the dashboard break down the data from a specific viewpoint.


Components in dashboard:

  • Chart
  • Gauge
  • Metric
  • Table
  • Visual force Page


Create a dashboard:

Prior to making a dashboard, we ought to make a report that we use in the dashboard. Steps to make a report are as per the following:

  • Select the Reports Tab
  • Select New Report and pick up the sales according to the report type.
  • Include the below filters.
  • Select the entire contacts of the organization.
  • For creating a Date field, we will click “Create Date”.
  • For Extent, we will select “All time”.
  • Select Tabular format and choose the summary.
  • Pull Lead source from the Fields pane to the preview pane.
  • The columns like First name, Last name should be added in your report.
  • Select Run Report.
  • Select Save As and save your sales report.
  • Select My Report file.
  • Select save and come back to report.


Conclusion: Why choose Smaartt?

In salesforce, to envision the data we will utilize dashboards. The dashboard makes us see the reports of the data from a specific point of view. In the dashboard, we can dissect as per our prerequisites. In view of that analysis, we can upgrade our business. Need help with Salesforce Dashboard– connect with Smaartt Digital Consulting. We are the platinum partner of salesforce. We have 9+years of operation. We have Platinum partnership with Salesforce, Twilio, Blueprism and Vocalcom.