How to do Salesforce to WhatsApp Integration

How to connect Salesforce to WhatsApp integration

Salesforce to WhatsApp Integration is the new upheld feature by Salesforce put in motion. Presently you can have your clients speak with your support agent utilizing WhatsApp for Messaging and your operators can answer from their Salesforce Service Console. WhatsApp is utilized by billions of individuals in practically all nations of the world.


Why choose Salesforce?

Salesforce gave us the uplifting news that the world’s Number 1 CRM has official approval from Facebook to bring to the table its clients the capacity to speak with clients utilizing their messaging application. The move transforms Salesforce into one of the first worldwide ventures to empower this coordination that has for quite some time been on the list of things to get for some brands. According to Salesforce, this change applies to Lightning Experience for the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer versions.


Required Salesforce Editions for Salesforce to WhatsApp Integration

  • Salesforce to WhatsApp Integration is accessible in Lighting Experience with the Digital Engagement add-on SKU
  • Salesforce to WhatsApp Integration is accessible in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer releases with administration cloud or deals cloud.


How to connect WhatsApp to Salesforce?

1.Set up your WhatsApp account on Facebook Business Manager by sending an email to with the subject “WhatsApp Number Setup.” Include the accompanying information in the body of your message:

  • Salesforce Org ID.
  • Facebook Business Manager ID.
  • The name appended to your Facebook Business Manager ID.
  • The WhatsApp number alongside the name and email address to approve the responsibility for telephone number, the organization name you need to appear on WhatsApp, and if the telephone number is a cellphone or landline.
  • You can likewise send an organization depiction, logo, and site URL.

2. Going into Your WhatsApp Channel from the Lightning Experience settings. Write “Messaging” in the search bar and select “Messaging Settings.” Once you go into “Channels,” you should automatically see WhatsApp.


Best practices for WhatsApp integration:

You can start discussions with clients through outbound notifications. On the off chance that a client has selected in to get the notices, you can send notification 24 hours after your last discussion with the client. WhatsApp upholds 10 notice types, every one of which is with permitted use cases. These incorporate kinds, for example, delivering update, charging update, reservations update and so on.


Need any assistance with Salesforce to WhatsApp integration?

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