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Salesforce Marketing Cloud consists of seven primary products that help you reach your customers at the right time, with the right message, and in the right way. It connects you with your customers through email, mobile messaging, digital advertising, website content, and social media. Salesforce Marketing Cloud covers it all!

It’s a group of products that bring all aspects of data and marketing together. These products are:

Email Studio: With personalized email marketing, create 1-1 experience journeys for your consumers.

Mobile Studio: Reach customers via SMS, MMS, and group messaging regardless of location.

Social Studio: Build and automate Customer Journeys across email, mobile, advertising, the web, and connect to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Advertising Studio: Activate customer data in Salesforce to securely power Google, Facebook, and display advertising at scale.

Journey Builder, for cross-channel Consumer Engagement.

Salesforce DMP: Capture, unify, and activate data to strengthen Consumer Relationships across every touchpoint.

Data Studio: A platform to create peer-to-peer data sharing.

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With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can easily manage customer journey through email, mobile, social, personalized content creation, etc. Every possible customer interaction and engagement is covered, and guiding customers on their 1-to-1 journeys with your brand has never been easier or more effective. Its features are:

Journey Builder

Journey Builder allows your team to create a Customer Journey and add actions based on the stage in the lifecycle. Whether that is delivering personalized emails, targeted advertisements, mobile notifications or real-time conversation windows, Journey Builder helps personalize and automate your Customer’s Journey.

Audience Builder

Audience Builder helps organize an audience that is relevant to your product or offer. Whether that is analyzing Market Opportunities, discovering customer trends, or targeting audiences based on specific attributes, Audience Builder allows you to collect data from any source and take action by creating a single view of your customer.

Personalization Builder

Personalization Builder enables you to construct profiles and algorithms based on customer habits. This automation tool ranges anywhere from providing related content based on search habits, product recommendations, and incorporating trending behaviors in order to maximize your customer’s engagement.

Content Builder

Content Builder manages all of your company’s media and content in a single location. You can receive the most utility out of this tool with advanced searching and tagging capabilities. This makes filtering through old content simpler and allows you to tag specific types on content, applying these tags to specific profiles created in Personalization Builder.

Analytics Builder

All of the above tools work seamlessly with Analytics Builder. This tool enables you to discover key insights about your customers and apply them in real-time. Creating strategic goals, building advanced reports around KPIs, and creating strong data visualizations to receive actionable insights are only a few of the benefits.

Marketing Cloud Connect

With Marketing Cloud Connect, your team will have access to a complete, 360-degree view of each individual customer, allowing your team to personalize the Customer’s Experience and ensure they receive quality service.

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