What is Salesforce Community Cloud & its Types with Benefits

Community Cloud is a social platform from Salesforce.com that is designed to connect and facilitate communication among an organization’s customers employees, partners or donors and volunteers. It is branded Web portal which provides seamless collaboration and engagement.


What is Salesforce Community Cloud?


Salesforce Community Cloud is an online social platform for companies to create branded sites connecting customers, employees, and partners with each other.


It provides them the records and data they need to accomplish their work efficiently.


By streamlining your key business operations and extending them across departments and offices, everyone who is part of your business ecosystem can execute his or her work in real time, support customers more effectively, and close deals faster.


Salesforce Cloud Community is highly flexible for any business demand and use case.


You can leverage your CRM data by directly connecting with your community or any third-party system.


Overall, the online community software gives your company the ability to build customized and branded communities for a seamless enterprise collaboration and streamlined business processes.



salesforce community cloud


Types of Communities


The Salesforce Community Cloud offer 4 types of of communities


Customer Community

Geared towards the customer support, It is a one-stop, self-service shop for your customers. Members can log into find answers, can connect with one another to share their experiences and resolve their issues with the help of knowledge library


Customer Community Plus

It is more powerful than the Customer Community license, providing roles and sharing, reports and dashboards, and additional storage


Partner Community

Geared towards the sales side of business, opens up collaboration channels to your vendors, distributors, and resellers by making information accessible to partners


Employee Community

provides a single hub that can support all of the processes between your business and your employees. It is a 24/7 platform that connects your team by providing a full 360-degree view of each employee.


Salesforce Community Cloud Benefits

There are various benefits


Community Creation

Salesforce Community Cloud serves as an interactive extension of your brand through its easy-to-use environment. It enables you to customize the solution matching your brand for your online community experience. Integration with business data from any system centralizes customers, workers, and partners to get their work done.


Community Experience

Automatic recommendations according to individual needs, behaviors, and interests connect groups, content, and experts for deeper community participation. You can access the community anywhere using the Salesforce mobile app or any mobile browser for delivering branded, device-responsive collaboration.


Rich, Self-Service Experience for Customers

Easy access to FAQs and articles empowers customers to find solutions independently and frees agents to work on more crucial tasks. Community Cloud gives you an overview of your agents on who’s more active and they can also endorse each other based on expertise and skills.



Salesforce Community Cloud reimagines every business touch point, connecting your business data with the power of social in a single experience. Community Cloud lets you rapidly deploy best-in-class solution with all the benefits of the most trusted cloud computing platform in the marketplace.



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