Tourism Services

Tourism Services

One of the leading tourism transportation company automated limousine bookings from Emails.AI is behind many evolving technologies and innovations in the travel and tourism sector.

The manners by which it enables the business to can be grouped into three significant classes: Machine Learning, ChatBots or TravelBots, and Robots. Thanks to AI, operations which usually require human intervention and a lot of time to learn new skills, can be robotized, in this manner accelerating forms, while improving quality and execution, and diminishing expenses.



It was a laborious and error-prone task to fetch booking details from email attachments and create a booking in the client limousine portal. Unmeaningful manpower Utilization rates and time consumption rates were also high.



The tourism company chose blue prism digital workers and Smaartt Digital to Automate the scheduled processes to create limousine booking from tourism companies through email with zero manual interventions.



  • 100% Reduction in Errors
  • Minimal Time Consumptions
  • Zero Backlogs