Smart and Serene Healthcare Professional License Renewals

Smart and Serene Healthcare Professional License Renewals

Human resource management deals with effective management of manpower resources to maximize their performance. The workload on HR Department staffs are very high in any Organization. Technologies like robotic process automation has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Automating the healthcare Human resource management activities can help healthcare organizations in reducing their operating cost and increasing the throughput by getting more work done in less time.

Taking into consideration of various healthcare HRM activities like Employee recruitments, Credentialing, Employee onboarding, professional license renewals etc., the manpower and time inputs are very high. HRM department employees are putting so much of their valuable time and energy into doing such repetitive tasks. By adopting Robotic Process Automation healthcare organizations can redeploy their resources to higher value functions which can improve the employee productivity and can also contribute towards the quality of work.


Professional license renewals:

To ensure safe and quality healthcare services, the country demands timely healthcare employee license renewals. These license renewal process for each, and every employee consumes so much of human effort and time. More than that the renewal dates for different employees are different which means for any healthcare organization it takes so much of effort to recheck the employee license renewal details especially the reminder emails and license end date. Another major challenge is that for delayed renewals healthcare organizations/employees are supposed to pay extra amount as fine.



With Blue Prism digital workforce and Smaartt digital the healthcare organizations can now get the Professional license renewal process automated.

For some of our healthcare clients with the help of digital bots we achieved 100% on-time renewals, with minimum amount of manpower and time inputs. Automated the process from renewal notifications to the license renewal done stage.