Simplify your Healthcare Claims Management with Digital Workmates

Simplify your Healthcare Claims Management with Digital Workmates

smart digital workmates can make your healthcare claims management an intelligent process. Rising healthcare needs, complexities involved in the various clinical, administrative and supportive department functionalities, unmeaningful employee utilization and high operational cost makes it the need of the hour to opt for automating the various healthcare business processes.

Medical claims management is one such sector where multiple number of time-consuming and laborious tasks are carried out daily. Tightly packed outpatient counters and fully occupied inpatient beds are making the claims’ management manpower loaded with work.

The number of repetitive tasks involved in the claims processing makes your resource frustrated, less productive and the operational cost also goes high to the top end. Most importantly this time-consuming process can lead to high patient waiting time which can never be appreciated.

The digital workers can help you in this part of your healthcare business. They can be your employee’s smart workmate who can work 24/7, who helps them by taking their workload doing almost all the repetitive and time-consuming tasks involved in the claims management-Eligibility Check, claims approvals and claims submissions.


Digital claim eligibility check:

Blue prism digital workforce and Smaartt digital consultancy automated healthcare claims eligibility check process at the time of booking appointment by using digital workforce to check for the patient eligibility in the insurer site. This helped the healthcare organization to reduce the time consumption, to reduce employee workload and to bring down unnecessary patient visits.


Smart claims approvals:

Smaartt digital consultancy automated the claims approval requisitions by using Blue prism digital workers to submit claims approval requisitions. Going smart with digital claims approvals can benefit the management, employees and your patients. Automated claims approvals helped to reduce the employee workload by the work being done by our digital workmate.


Intelligent claims submissions:

Manual claims submissions can kill your time and energy. Smaartt digital consultancy found out a solution for this, enabling proper resource consumption by automating the healthcare claims submissions using their digital workforce to submit the claims. This helped to bring down the manpower workload and the time consumption. We were able to bring down the operational cost too.


Benefits of healthcare claims automation: