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Saudi German Hospital embeds, insights-driven personalized customer journey across all touchpoints

Saudi German Hospital part of the biggest private hospital groups in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As Today’s customers demand seamless experiences,


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Saudi German Hospitals Group is the Number one Healthcare brand with the largest footfall in Middle East and North Africa. Saudi German Hospitals (SGH) is promoted by Batterjee family, under the name Bait Al Batterjee Medical Co. and started its first hospital in 1988 in Jeddah. The Group is now the leading provider of healthcare services in MENA with in-house knowledge and facility under one roof to develop and operate world-class hospitals.

Currently, the group is having ten hospitals in Jeddah, Aseer, Riyadh Madinah, Hail – Saudi Arabia, Sana’a- Yemen, Cairo – Egypt and Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman – UAE. Various medical cities and hospital projects are under various stages of completion that include Egypt, UAE, KSA, Morroco etc

Interesting Data Insights


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Productivity gain in call center


Better Customer Service


Improved Patient Experience

The Challenges

Healthcare is increasingly driven by customer service and consumers are aware that they have a preference in service. Electronic Health Records that are used to facilitate patient data in hospitals and other care settings are gradually being replaced by modern CRM tools. To be customer-centric, Saudi German Hospital wanted to listen its patients on every platform(including social platforms). Also, they were facing difficulty while managing marketing and branding activity of each region independently. So they were looking for one view platform.

Business Constrains
  • Difficult to manage different social platform of different regions independently
  • Unable to view daily calls, appointments, patients details for the call center users.
  • 360-degree view of patients and history for call center agents.
  • Patient details and related information such as recent bookings with different statuses, recent tests etc
  • The Current system does not include patient hierarchy and integration between with Cisco Finesse system.

The Solutions

Smaartt Digital and Salesforce together, have integrated the service cloud with Cisco Finesse System. Now, Saudi German Hospital is able to hear their customer’s complaints, queries and provide them the solution around the clock. Also implementing social studio help SGH to listen it’s customer on every social platform which help them in providing omnichannel customer service.

Solutions Use Cases
  • Ticket and Case Management
  • Social Listening of Customer(Patients)& Competitor
  • Escalation and auto response
  • Addressing customer feedback and sentiment analysis
  • Integration with the Cisco Finesse Call center
  • Integration with the SAGE HIS
  • Social Studio- manage, schedule, create, and monitor posts.


In summary, Salesforce implementation empowers both patients and hospital staff to put Customer service at the center of everything. Saudi German Hospital have already tapped into Salesforce to make healthcare truly achievable for patients.

Increased Patient Experience

Provide better case tracking, all communication data stored in one place that gives 360 degree view of customer which led to provide better customer experience

Improved Agent Productivity

Salesforce Sales CRM help agents to track the cases and queries and their status

Improved Marketing & Branding

Social Studio help them in analyze marketing trends, competitor activities, measure keywords performance, and generate new ideas.

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