Salesforce Marketing Cloud Helps You to Manage Your Customer Journey

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Helps You to Manage Your Customer Journey

At its core, Marketing Cloud manages your complete customer lifecycle from the earliest phases of awareness and acquisition to transforming customers into brand advocates. Here’s how we envision these five stages in the customer lifecycle:



 Customer acquisition has never been more complex, thanks to evolving media and mobility. Whether you acquire customers through ads, email, social, or another channel, this is where the journey begins.



In this phase, it’s all about providing a great experience during the transaction. For companies with sales teams, sales and marketing must work together to move customers through this phase.



Modern marketing is less about individual transactions and more about long term engagement. Set the stage now to bring a customer deeper into a relationship with your brand.



After a customer has made a purchase and you’ve onboarded them into a journey, your marketing should continue engaging them with the right message at the right time. Advocate. In the social media age, when a single message can gain millions of impressions in minutes, customers can be your best advocates or your worst detractors. Ensure they remain advocates with relevant marketing and excellent service.

Marketing Cloud helps marketers engage customers at every step of this journey. Plus, it helps companies in every industry. Check out our latest customer stories to see how Marketing Cloud helps companies like yours, including technology and manufacturing, retail, financial services, and more.