Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM

This is to present you Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector for Dynamics CRM and to give you a concise portrayal of the reason for utilizing it and to clarify points of interest of joining Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Dynamics CRM for advertising purposes.


What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector for Dynamics CRM?

Dynamics CRM is to maintain all the existing customers\people in the organizations (contacts), potential customers (leads) and businesses (accounts). Also in CRM, there can be different types of campaigns for business purposes and marketing lists with contacts, leads, and accounts in different criteria. Basically, the customer relationship will be managed from the CRM side.

The marketing cloud is to track everything on the campaign maintained in Dynamics CRM using its advanced tools. E.g. Email management, responses from receivers, surveys and different types of promotions depending on the user interest.

Marketing Cloud Connector is to connect both CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud and make the business easy as one platform to be used for only a specific need rather than duplicating the work in both environments.


Why using Connector, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Dynamics CRM together?

The marketing cloud has more advanced features in marketing which extend the campaign features in Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics Connector synchronizes data and attributes from Dynamics to Marketing Cloud’s platform, allowing you to create and deliver highly personalized marketing messages.

The Connector creates a custom object in Dynamics to allow you to pull data from any Dynamics field into Marketing Cloud’s platform and push relevant campaign performance from the platform back into Dynamics.


Key benefits:


Synchronize data:

Easily exchange data bi-directionally between any business object, table or even metadata in Dynamics and audience lists and advanced profiles in Marketing Cloud’s platform.


Influence journeys:

The Dynamics Connector component within Marketing Cloud’s platform allows you to leverage events or data from Dynamics to trigger the next steps in customer journeys.


Improve campaign visibility:

Synchronize your CRM marketing lists with audiences from Marketing Cloud’s platform and update their campaign status in both systems automatically.


Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Sync accounts, contacts and leads to ExactTarget Lists.
  • Filter and sync only those records who meet specific criteria from CRM or vice-versa.
  • Sync any CRM Checkbox Field on the Lead or Contact record to your Marketing Automation Lists.
  • Sync marketing lists to ExactTarget lists.
  • Sync campaigns and campaign responses from ExactTarget to Dynamics CRM.
  • Opt-outs managed automatically.
  • Custom field mapping between both systems.
  • Sync and map hard bounces to CRM custom field.
  • Dynamics CRM always takes higher precedence over ExactTarget. Any contact changes in Dynamics CRM will always be synced to ExactTarget.
  • Contact and lead data is synced from ExactTarget only if the email address doesn’t exist in Dynamics CRM at the time of syncing or Update Field Mapping is enabled.