Salesforce Customer 360: Keep your Employee and Customer together

Clients are an indispensable aspect of any business. Thus, customer satisfaction is reliably the most significant requirement for any endeavor. To ensure client satisfaction, one ought to at first have an understanding of their needs and desires. It’s a fine tightrope walk around get knowledge on your clients, track their activities, and comprehend their inclinations, yet without invading their privacy. That is really what Salesforce’s new product, Salesforce Customer 360 Truth, can do. It empowers your Sales group to get ready of time and gives them relevant information to design their methodology successfully.


Connect Better with Salesforce Customer 360 Truth


Salesforce Customer 360 truth is an all-in-one solution that connects data from Sales, marketing, finance, and other departments together to toss a more extensive and precise image of your clients. The ability to personalize customer journeys and predict the best deal closing opportunities make this a must-have tool to compete in today’s market.


It not only collects valuable data on your customers but spreads them appropriately among the internal team, thereby effectively covering any possible communication gaps. An aggregate of 70% of users has claimed to get a touchpoint experience, which managed them to overcome the data silos and lack of connection between themselves and their partners. Salesforce Customer 360 truth is single-point access to all the organizational data that is gathered across the systems without any need for multiple IDs or appropriate login credentials.




The Four Primary Services of Salesforce Customer 360 Truth


Customer 360 Data Management

It uses universal Salesforce ID to log in, which is used to represent every client and has a click-based user interface that allows the user to connect and study customer’s data efficiently. These reconciled profiles help the users to fish out data on demand from any system with agility.


Salesforce Identity

Salesforce Identity is meant to serve your customers. It helps in eliminating the drab log in experience by giving a single point relationship between the user and other companies’ websites. This way, by eliminating the need for all other IDs, accessing information becomes faster and easier.


Customer 360 Audiences

 It helps in segmenting your audience and assigning appropriate engagement plans according to their requirements. Also, it delivers the AI insights to your in-house team for better assessment of every customer. Salesforce Customer 360 Truth even helps your clients to interact across various touchpoints.


Data Privacy

Salesforce Customer 360 Truth specializes in taking care of your customer’s privacy and data protection. It gives clear instructions regarding the usage of different data types. Also, it withstands the regulations of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while providing relevant data to the user in an instant.


Benefits of Adopting Salesforce Customer 360 Truth


Customer 360 truth gives you a 360-degree view of your customer’s activities and their priorities. It enhances your customer intelligence by tracking all the touchpoints in customer’s one-on-one journey.


Its predictive analysis skill is in a league of its own and very much dependable that I would readily bet my life on it. The intelligence gathered by Customer 360 truth is utilized to draw predictions and deal-winning probabilities to support your sales reps. Activities like accounts, transactions, and calls are closely monitored to analyze the outcomes.


Salesforce Customer 360 truth makes it possible to raise customer satisfaction levels by 45%, as it makes your support and development aware of their real-life needs. This ultimately results in happy customers and increases your customer loyalty rate as well.


Know your Customer Better with Customer 360 Truth


Salesforce Customer 360 truth is a complete package of data and identity services that help companies to build a trustworthy source of information that can help them maintain better relations with customers. With its ability to sustain one-on-one journeys and superior predictive analysis skills, addressing customer service problems becomes much easier and reliable.



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