Sales Operations and Support Services: Limousine Booking Portal Automation

Sales Operations and Support Services Limousine Booking Portal Automation

Automated limousine booking from booking portals, web, spreadsheets, emails and providing timely response to the travel agents leading to error-free and less time- consuming bookings. Automated limousine booking provides convenient, assured and safe booking.



High level manual interventions to fetch booking details from web portal and creates booking in client limousine operation portal and receiving reminders from GTA to create and confirm booking during peak period leading to error prone and laborious visa application process and revenue loss by missing bookings during peak hours. Manpower resources were overwhelmed with the number of reminder Email from the client to clear the backlogs.



Blue prism digital workers and Smaartt Digital Automated scheduled process to create limousine booking and to update the booking number back to GTA Portal and Emails.


End result:

  • 100% Reduction in Errors
  • Minimum Consumptions
  • Zero Backlogs
  • Minimal Manual Interventions