Leader in environmental energy steps towards Digital Transformation: AVERDA

AVERDA is one of the largest and most established environmental solution providers in the Middle East and Africa region. The leaders believe in Digital transformation.


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“Smaartt had been instrumental in making it a success and agile way of handling the project has certainly added value to it. Appreciate the management level attention, suggesting best practices and great teamwork done by smaartt enthusiast consultants.”

Abhishek Saurabh
Business Applications Manager, Averda


With more than 35 years of experience in waste management across pedestrian, residential, commercial, and industrial areas, Averda is one of the largest and most established environmental solution providers in the Middle East and Africa region. Inspiring people to recycle, then giving them the tools to do it. Averda success led to new contracts in Qatar and Oman. In 2010, They expanded into Abu Dhabi where they are moving 14,000 containers of waste away from homes, offices and streets – every day. They’re also rolling out recycling centers and spreading the word to children at school events so that the next generation is even more environmentally savvy than today’s.
In 2012 Averda grew beyond the Middle East for the first time – to Ireland. A new springboard for a fast-growing company.

Interesting Data Insights


Increase in collaboration and transparency


Better Customer Insights


Degree Visibility of Business & Customers


Better Contract Generation & Management

The Challenges

Since IT plays a crucial role in addressing functional, reporting, business requirements and customer experience. AVERDA were need of a robust solution that will allow them to continually provide customers with excellent services.

Business Constrains
  • Disconnected Customer Care center
  • Customer Complaint management
  • Personalized sales experience
  • Challenges in lead generation
  • Unable to engage with customer
  • Order fulfillment

The Solutions

Always in search of better ways of working, the business is now streamlining operations with Salesforce. It’s also heading towards a new digital era in service. Now their service centers are able to manage cases along with other teams in a more consistent and transparent way. The business is also using Community Cloud to engage with its enterprise customers. The ultimate goal is to enable customers to schedule collections or request new bins from the portal. It’s an increasingly fast and efficient business, and yet its transformation is just getting started.

Solutions Use Cases
  • Lead management
  • Accounts & Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Configuration, Pricing and Quote Optimization
  • Use analytics to optimize how products and services contracts are priced/offered
  • Create perfect quotes
  • Case Management
  • Customer satisfaction


Together, Smaartt Digital and Averda embarked on a digital rethink. To build better operational activities, sales and service relationships and introduce a consistent sales framework across the company. Smaartt Created a customer-centric platform fit for the future.

The right data is now collected and consolidated consistently and accurately, allowing for strategic sales and service decision-making and enabling much greater visibility of and connection with the customer at every step of their journey with Averda

Streamlined Sales Journey across the Business

Enabled consistent and accurate selling process framework, accelerating deal closing & contract management capability help in streamlined the sales process

Increased Customer Experience

Actionable customer insights Better data, better decision-making provide better customer experience

Customer Centric Platform

Streamlined lead generation process and customer onboarding and provide fully functional customer relationship management

Reference site for data: Salesforce & Gartner

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