intelligent conversation

Intelligent conversation platforms like WhatsApp chatbots are saving the healthcare employees and patients time, enabling the employees do more value generating and productive tasks and helping patients to get immediate response without having to wait in queue to get their appointments, queries and concerns answered etc.

Smaartt Solutions
Intelligent Patient Appointments and Registrations

Instead of calling to theclinic/hospital to get a telephonic appointment, think about a smarter solution where you can get your appointment booked using your WhatsApp account. How smartit is?

From the patient point of view, instead of calling your healthcare organization and waiting for their employees to respond for your appointment or waiting in a long queue to get your registration done, it will be easy for you if you can get it done through a whatsApp chat with your digital employee. This will be easy, more interesting and least time consuming.

From the employee point of view instead of spending so much of your valuable time and energy in doing telephonic patient appointments and repetitive registration process you can spend your valuable time doing more productive and value generating tasks.

Prominent Customer Relations and Call Centre:

Customer relation department and call Centre employees are spending almost all of their time doing repetitive tasks. Now there are intelligent conversation platforms which can assist your employees in handling almost all of your healthcare call Centre activities. Doing this employees can concentrate more on productive and non repetitive activities.

Patient Complaints Management:

Your agitated patient need immediate attention, otherwise they can impact your organization’s reputation and also bring down the customer satisfaction standard barrier. That immediate attention from the employee side can always be not possible which can make your patient/ bystander more agitated. Intelligent conversation platform can be your workmate who can have conversation with your patient same as a human interaction and direct towards the possibilities until the human agents are available to attend their concern which can be helpful in converting your agitated patient to tranquil.

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