Guide Your Customers on Seamless & Unique Journeys

Guide Your Customers on Seamless Unique Journeys

Marketing Cloud is Salesforce’s digital marketing platform. We’re fully integrated with Salesforce to help you guide your customers on seamless and unique journeys. You might have heard of different Marketing Cloud components that were previously separate companies — like ExactTarget, Buddy Media, Radian6, and Through the acquisition of these companies, Salesforce’s vision of reaching customers in entirely new ways has been realized. Marketing Cloud gives marketers the power to deliver relevant, personalized experiences to customers across channels and devices — sending the right message, at the right time, throughout all phases of the journey.


Marketing Cloud transforms how companies connect with their customers in real time. Marketing Cloud is the platform for marketers to plan, personalize, and optimize customer journeys across all channels and devices.

Scott McCorkle
CEO, Marketing Cloud


To make that journey even more successful, you can integrate your Salesforce sales, service, and analytics data with Marketing Cloud for a fully connected customer view. It’s the complete Customer Success Platform, all powered by the data-driven intelligence you need to know your Customer Better