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The region’s largest and first-ever multi-cultural festival park conceptualized and created in 1997, Global Village is a sprawling 1.6 million square meter destination for the whole family. Situated in the heart of Dubai, it is a one-stop shop for entertainment, shopping, dining and rides, taking you on a journey across the world, uniting cultures and creating wonder. Despite its seasonality, Global Village welcomes around 7 million guests every season, making it the park with the 4th largest daily footfall in the world. Inherent to its cross-sectoral and diverse fabric, the theme-based park, aims to bring together extraordinary people from around the globe to inspire wonder and redefine cultural experiences. Harnessing the world’s diversity and creativity into authentic experiences, Global Village, offers novelty appeal and intriguing glimpses, across all geographies and demographics, building and nurturing genuine human connections. With the intent of bridging the gap and bringing the world together, Global Village strives to create happiness in every moment by celebrating the diversity and wonder of our world.

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The Challenges

Global village is one of the best and largest cultural festival park and welcomes around 7 millions guest every season, but as a company they have to manage lots of different activities like managing Partner’s Visa, partner’s Access and plenty of other requests, they have lots of other processes also for which they have separate team(managing biometric access, payment processing) Where in most of the operation were on paper also old system were not integrated with each other, so they were facing difficulty in effectively track the data and report.

The Solutions

To help Global village to create a delightful customer experience while managing all their segregated work, we implemented unlimited Edition Salesforce using sales cloud and community cloud, so that they can easily manage their sales and partner accounts and get a better track on the performance and report.
Also, we have integrated lots of their internal applications such as Managing Partners Various types of Visa & Other processes & its automation, Managing Fine system with the Salesforce system to give them a proper view and management of overall operations

Solution Use Case
  • Partner Account Portal
  • Onboarding Customer
  • One platform to manage various processes
  • Accessibility due to Cloud infrastructure
  • Better View of Report/ Analytics


Implementing Salesforce Sales cloud & Community cloud unlimited edition has streamlined existing processes that have improved the overall ROI. This transition has resulted as per below:

Reduced Operational Time

Easily managing multiple application for VISA & other processes

Easy Process Management

Managing Fine system & Inspection of Park Site for multiple departments

One Platform for All

Integrated the CRM with biometric device and payment gateway.

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