Flawless And Faultless Human Resource Management Services

Technologies like Robotic process automation, Artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. has made the human resource management department functions faster and flawless. The workload on the HRM department employees is so high that they find it difficult to accomplish their targets on time.


That extra energy, that extra time and that extra effort given by the employees on a daily basis makes them feel drained out and frustrated. Robotic Process Automation can be considered as one best solution to help your human resource management team in doing their repetitive tasks and reducing their back-office workloads.


What Our Smaartt Digital Workforce Can Provide You With?


Smaartt Employee Onboarding

 Data capture, Visa Processing, Security Clearance, Emirates ID processing, Insurance applications, Employee creations and access permissions. Mimicking human actions and connect multiple systems through Automation without changing existing IT systems.  Operate 24/7 with accuracy.



Smaartt Visa Renewals and Cancellations

 Our digital workforce made Visa processing, renewal process and cancellations hassle free and less time-consuming task. Blue prism digital workforce and Smaartt Digital Automated scheduled processes. This process runs at night to avail the maximum performance of the web portal.



Employee Credentialing

Our digital workforce enabled employee credentialing is much faster and faultless process. The employee credentials updation, status intimation etc. are automated.


Salary and Benefits Management

Process payroll, validate payroll and pre-payroll, perform tax deduction and process tax deduction changes, produce tax forms, validate and update bank details for direct deposit, operate benefits enrolment, Administrate ancillary benefits.


Attendance Administration

Manage leave administration and leave amendment, perform absence administration, Submit timesheets.


Exit Management

Complete exit administration, Operate mass exit process for seasonal workers.


Staffing and Scheduling

Manage and maintain employee roster by verifying attendance.






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