Journey builder

Journey Builder,as a campaign planning tool, helps you design and automate, Campaigns that guide customers throughout their journey with a brand at various touchpoints. The journey is the steps the customers make at every point of their association with the brand. The journey then consistently helps contacts evaluate when to move to the next activity.

What are the activities involved in a journey?

The activities include messages, decisions or updates or the combination of these activities based on the touchpoint of the customer. These activities initiated by the marketer impacts the contacts until they are associated with the journey.

Messaging Activity includes SMS, Email, Push messages, In-App messages or any content to be sent to the contacts.

Split Activity splits the contacts into cohorts that are moved to different paths. In this activity, the contacts are segmented into different paths based on the business needs. For example, the contacts from the same region of a state are moved under a cohort and other parts of the region are placed under different cohorts to be moved to different paths.

Customer Update Activities updates the contact information to be processed later. The updated value of a customer replaces the existing value rather than creating a new row of value.

Sales & Service Cloud Activities communicates with the Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud. These activities help to build sales or service objects for the contacts. With the help of this activity, the users can create and update a lead, out of the data

Custom Activities include custom messaging to contacts through uncommon channels or custom data updates of contact activities like only specific data fields on contact information.

Best practices involved in a journey

Better Customer Engagement: helps you boost campaign performance through cross channel approach, accelerating Customer Engagement in many ways possible. Engage customers with personalized cross Channel Journeys, giving better Digital Experience.

Real-Time Tracking: helps to administer your campaigns easily, check communication and feeds in real-time, track and test all campaign elements, while evaluating results over days, weeks, or months with campaign version control.

Personalized Approach: Helps delivering personalized content that reaches customers as and when they prefer by customizing specific Customer Engagement through real-time individual behaviors. Send personalized messages in-app with the help of cross channel digital devices.

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