Drive Omnichannel Customer Experiences with Salesforce Interaction Studio

Drive Omnichannel Customer Experiences with Salesforce Interaction Studio

Salesforce Interaction Studio allows you to capture every interaction your customers have with your brand in real time across multiple channels. The significant shift that Interaction Studio brings to you is – listening to your customers. You can use it to pick up on your customer’s interactions with your brands and gain insight into their real needs.

Additionally, it can link off-line activities together with online behavior. This empowers you to build their entire engagement profile and provide experiences that matter the most to them, at the time they prefer it and in the channel of their choosing.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio gives marketers the capability to deliver contextually relevant and real-time personalized interactions and experiences for customers at every touchpoint on their journey. This solution reacts to a consumer’s real-time behavior as he or she interacts with a brand across email, social and mobile, and offline via in-store or kiosks.

To win customers and keep them longer.

With its built-in listening to every interaction with your brand in real-time, you can discover what consumers really want. It matched this real-time insight with relevant off-line information. You can see how a customer goes through life cycle stages, and how he/she interact with what messages and respond to what experiences.

Let’s assume she clicks on a certain offer from a brand and then logs into the mobile app or calls the service center. Then, Interaction Studio instantly updates that individual consumer profile with those real-time actions. Based on this, you, the marketer can present them with their best next experiences: promotions, discounts, offers or content.


How Salesforce Interaction Studio Enables Omnichannel Customer Experiences:


Get consumer insights across channels:

One of the key functionalities of Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio is that it gives you a 360-degree view of all the paths that your consumers take, no matter the channel or device. You can also create a real-time context by listening to your consumer activities across channels. You can re-engage lost consumers and create audience segments for purposeful re-engagement.


Enhance customer experiences:

Take advantage of Interaction Studio’s decision engine to create contextually relevant experiences that consumers expect. You can even use frequency capping and business rules to ensure that the messages and offers that you provide to your customers are relevant and personalized. You have absolute control over the campaigns by prioritizing the most relevant and critical messages and pausing the rest.


Synchronize every interaction:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio enables you to guide the customer in the correct path, by triggering interaction where they are and on the channels they prefer. It also ensures that your message is relevant and consistent across all the channels for connected Customer Experience while also controlling and monitoring message saturation and fatigue. You can also synchronize online and offline interactions like Point of Sale, Online transactions or ATMs.


Increase adoption and ROI:

Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio enables you to deliver immediate impact by triggering events and communicating real-time with sales, marketing, and service. This quickly drives user adoption and value thereby boosting your revenues.