The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway: technological innovation is constantly redefining customer expectations, and businesses are trying to keep up.
Customer service is not just about being available via phone or email. Today’s people want companies to answer their questions instantly, without extra work on their part; That is where live chat software comes in. Live chat is a website-based feature that help companies to communicate with customers in real time, connect with them in a new way, & help them instantly and efficiently.

Live Chat is Changing Customer Service

Customer experience is swayed by customer service, and live chat software will facilitate your company create a better customer service experience for customers visiting your website. In fact, live chat has the ultimate satisfaction rates among customer service channels.

73 %

Of those who have used live chat within the last year said they have been delighted with the experience


Who reached out to companies via email said they were satisfied


of phone users were satisfied, according to Econsultancy

Here are few reasons why we think live chat software is crucial to your business:

Customers’ chosen support channel

Live chat software can be used as a customer service tool or as a part of sales journey. This can provide customers real time interactions. For customer sharing their issues on chat software rather than speaking on the phone to a stranger. Also, chat software includes the ability to voice call, screen share or send screenshots. This makes it an exceptionally useful tool for resolving support issues.

Offers a connected customer experience.

Pioneering companies are identifying the paradigm shift from a segmented to a connected customer experience. Customising the customer service experience is an integral part of adapting to user’s specific requirements. Companies realized how crucial user preferences are and live chat has become a key part of their overall customer experience.

Increases first contact resolution

There will always be some queries that are best handled on the phone. But several simple queries can be resolved by a combination of live chat software and an online knowledge base, leaving your skilled call centre agents free to deal with the large, complex support tickets. Live chat software excels at dealing with relatively simple queries that can be solved instantly.

Builds Trust

By having live chat software on your website and making it available as a support option, will help you to build trust. Because different people prefer different contact channels, and by offering them a wider range of options, and providing longer service hours, covering evenings and weekends when call centres may be closed, customers will feel that company are more responsive, more available, and generally more interested in what they want.

Drive Sales as well as Service.

Although traditionally it known as help desk software but There’s no reason to limit live chat to customer support. The encouraging response that customers have for live chat means it can also be an effective sales tool, especially when it comes to reducing dropouts during the purchase process.

The great advantage of live chat is that you can target it very precisely:

If you find high dropout rate at a certain point of your sales journey, live chat could help people through that stage of the process.

There are few customers who make repeated visit to a page and leave without buy them.  Through live chat we can target specifically to those customers, offer help, answer their questions, and handle objections at just the right moment. Most of the companies are already using live chat to provide excellent customer service. If you implement best practices, you can make the best of your live chat opportunities.

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