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Marketing is one of the major components of business management as it promotes and manages exchange relationships without boundaries. For any organization to achieve its goals and objectives it should anticipate the needs of its customers and should satisfy them effectively.

Robotic process automation is now driving innovations across the marketing sector. Marketing activities can be done more efficiently and accurately with the help of digital labors.

Business Crisis

One of our digital marketing clients had difficulties managing their national and international marketing campaign-data analysis, summarization, updating data for top level management report submission and evaluation. The process was consuming so much of human effort and time. Another difficulty was that the accuracy rate was minimal.

Smaartt Intelligent Components :  

Integrated the business intelligence and marketing campaign tools so that it will be easier for the top-level management to analyze the data and to do the complete evaluation and further activities management.


o Easy data collection and analysis

o Easy data summarization

o High level accuracy and reliability

o Minimal human interventions

o Minimal time consumption

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