Azizi Developments Speeded Up their Customer Interactions

Azizi Developments Speeded Up their Customer Interactions

Anyone who owns their own home will tell you that getting on or moving up the property ladder can be a stressful and laborious process. But one Dubai-based property Trailblazer is changing all that by driving a technological revolution in its sales, marketing and customer service functions.

“Our aim is to lead the Dubai property market by connecting on a deeper level with our customers and providing a stronger, more interactive customer experience,” said Dr Syed Mahsud Ali, Chief Information Officer at Azizi Developments.

Azizi Developments is an award-winning property developer with a luxury residential and commercial portfolio spanning many of the Emirate’s most iconic locations, including Palm Jumeirah and Meydan.

“Moving towards this goal has required cultural change. Culture is a combination of people, process and technology and we’re using technology to automate our processes, reduce our cycle times, and empower our people,” said Dr Mahsud. “With the help of Salesforce, ours has become a ‘can do’ culture in which anything is possible.”


“Service Cloud makes life easier for our customers, and for us as a business. It’s helped connect internal processes like facility and community management and finance.”

-Dr Syed Mahsud Ali, Chief Information Officer, Azizi Developments


Achieving a 70% reduction in sales cycle time:

Azizi Developments adopted Salesforce in 2019 and worked with implementation partner Smaartt Digital Consulting to transform the siloed structure of its internal departments, integrate everything from sales and marketing to after-sales and broker management, and completely clarify the customer journey from end to end.

And the results speak for themselves.

“We’ve reduced the cycle time from getting a lead to closing a deal by more than 70% since we adopted Salesforce,” explained Dr Mahsud. “Before Salesforce, it would take more than a week to close a deal – now it’s a day and a half. This reduction comes down to two things: we’ve removed the silos, and we’ve cut the complexity out of our system. Now, everything is transparent and protected. Smaart Digital really helped us in achieving this. Everything they did for us was smart and they’re helping with further optimization.”


Sales Cloud and Tableau CRM enable instant lead validation:

Sales Cloud forms the backbone of Azizi Developments’ customer journey. It’s fully integrated with the company’s website, as well as with external sites such as Property Finder and social media channels. Leads are scored using Tableau CRM (formerly called Einstein Analytics) then fed to Azizi Developments’ team, which includes more than 100 tele sales personnel, or to the 200-strong network of external property consultants the company works with.

“Tableau CRM has made a crucial difference by letting us score the quality of leads,” said Dr Mahsud. “It’s a fundamental tool for our sales team and property consultants. It helps us make sure that our sales teams have the right level of access to leads and minimizes the risk of high-value leads being transferred elsewhere.”


Full visibility on the move with the mobile app:

The processes built on Salesforce make sure that leads are transferred to the right person, based on a range of criteria including language spoken, and a lead’s preferences.

This means consultants can speak to potential clients less than five minutes after they make the first contact. With a CTI integration, tele sales teams can follow up with customers with just one click.

Ease of use is critical, given that most of Azizi Developments’ consultants spend the majority of their time out in the field.

“Our property consultants use the Salesforce mobile app so all the customer information they need is at their fingertips when they’re out and about,” said Dr Mahsud. “This means they understand who a lead is before they contact them and can see their full history of interactions.”


Marketing Cloud cuts email campaign bounce rate:

Azizi Developments runs personalized email and SMS campaigns, monitors social media, and keeps its marketing fully integrated with its sales function. And it does all this with Marketing Cloud.

“Marketing Cloud is an absolutely essential tool for our marketing department,” said Dr Mahsud. “We run regular weekly campaigns and special festive campaigns around events, such as Ramadan. And Marketing Cloud helps us hit the mark with our campaigns.”

Based on the information, data and feedback in Marketing Cloud, the marketing team has enhanced and honed the customer journey. “We get so much more information,” said Dr Mahsud. “We know that our communications aren’t ending up in junk folders and we know the email addresses we have are real.”

All of this has resulted in an email bounce rate that’s fallen from 30% – to 8%.

Service Cloud automates payments and connects internal functions.

The customer journey doesn’t end once the sale has been made, of course. Azizi Developments uses Service Cloud to manage customer care and complaints, and to automate payment collection and follow-ups on maintenance and property management queries.

“Service Cloud makes life easier for our customers, and for us as a business. It’s helped connect internal processes like facility and community management and finance,” said Dr Mahsud.

And that’s not all. The team is developing a mobile app so customers can interact with Azizi Developments using their mobiles. This will let customers notify the company of any issues, as well as manage their accounts.


The sky’s the limit with Experience Cloud:

Azizi Developments has seen incredible efficiencies and enhancements so far. But its journey is far from over. As well as developing an app for its customers, the team is using Experience Cloud to build a new broker portal.

Third-party brokers will be able to use the portal to start a relationship with Azizi Developments. This will create far greater clarity into the lead generation process and sales pipeline, as lead status will be visible, and documents can be stored digitally when a lead is closed.

“By connecting our property consultants, we’ll link up every part of the sales process,” said Dr Mahsud. “But what’s really exciting about all of this, is that we’re still optimizing with Smaartt Digital Consulting. I think we can jump from a 70% reduction in the sales cycle to at least 85%. With Salesforce, the sky really is the limit.”


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