Advertising Studio: Taking Advantage of Your Social Advertising Data

Advertising Studio Taking Advantage of Your Social Advertising Data

Advertising Studio assists in focusing on the correct audience by organizing efforts with social, portable, sales, and client support endeavors. This encourages you upgrade your email advertising objectives with publicizing. You can utilize YouTube, Instagram, Google Ads, or Social Studio to enable client commitment. Advertising Studio assists with finding new possibilities with copies utilizing Google Customer Match and reconnect dormant clients inside the client venture across digital advertising.


Key features of Advertising Studio:

  • Activate the data across platforms like Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud to help shape and guide your advertising.
  • Your customer data never leave the safe environment of the Salesforce Platform and there’s no scheduled downtime.
  • Build audiences on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, with Audience Studio the entire display advertising ecosystem.
  • Gain new customers with the help of the lookalikes from Facebook and Google.
  • Integrate advertising with an email to reach more audiences.
  • Identify the subscribers who are no longer interacting with the brand. Also, we can suppress ad campaigns that aren’t performing.
  • Advertise based on the most current data. Customer information refreshes automatically and in real-time, so as to place the most relevant ads.
  • Coordinate your advertising with lead scoring, email nurture campaigns, and your sales teams.
  • Incorporate Facebook leads into Marketing Cloud to convert them into prospects.
  • Expand the marketing and build cross-channel journeys across email, mobile, and Facebook ads without a separate digital advertising team.
  • Increase the ROI with the help of Google AdWords strategy by segmenting your prospect and existing customer campaigns.


Advertising Studio & Journey Builder:

With the help of Journey Builder integrated within Advertising Studio, create Facebook campaigns in Journey Builder. With Journey Builder Advertising, you can build cross-channel journeys that combine email, mobile, and Facebook Advertising in a single platform. Use the Ad campaign activity to increase the reach of your email campaigns.


Integration of Advertising Studio with social platforms like LinkedIn & Pinterest:

Pinterest is one of the major photo-sharing social media sites where users find new ideas and have a strong base in B2C advertising. LinkedIn is one of the largest customer platforms, will also help to generate more leads. With the help of Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Pardot data we can make Pinterest and LinkedIn advertising more effective.

Learn the benefits of integrating Advertising Studio with Pinterest and integration of Advertising Studio and LinkedIn. and integration of Advertising Studio and LinkedIn.


Expected outcomes:

  • Advertising Studio helps business to create one-to-one personalized advertising campaigns.
  • Leveraging cross channel advertising campaigns to improve brand image helps boost sales.
  • Cross channel advertising helps business users gain more customer data.
  • Integrating advertising channels helps with better-driven lead generation.