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Enabling Mobility as an Experience in the 4th industry revolution

Embark on a new era of customer success and pack every customer engagement with seamless, personalized experiences

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Transform Experiences

For a New Age of Travel

New breeds of travelers with heightened expectations are poised to disrupt the future of travel. To succeed, brands will need to offer seamless experiences, tailored to individual travelers before, during, and after the trip itself. Learn how to inspire more bookings; provide smarter, more personalized support; and build loyalty with travelers to keep them coming back


Logistics from door to door

Shippers and employees demand the same frictionless experience in shipping like they do in other industries. With the power of the world’s #1 CRM platform, we can deliver freight together. From handling complex inquiries in real time to providing personalized and proactive service, find out how Salesforce can help you make transportation a seamless end-to-end customer experience

#Smaartt Intelligent Components

#Maintenance Ondemand Services

Connecting the customer, Service executive , Technicians digitally
in one platform

#Limousine booking and Dispatch Automation

Automating multi channel booking , Dispatch scheduling and
engaging customer

#Smart Workshops Automation

Redefining the service journey from vehicle collection, bay management, key management and hand over

#Tyre Rethreading Automation

Digitally Automated from the tyre inspection to rethreading
to delivery

#Ondemand Location sharing

Create secure feeling by collecting real time students locations via whatsapp

#Smaartt Pricing

Self Service pricing and quote for multi mode Transportation, Rental and leasing

#Vehicle Onboarding

Automate the vehicle purchase documentations and details digitally

Smaartt Intelligent technologies in Transportation

Salesforce @ Transportation

  • B2B, B2C Multi Channel Digital Marketing with journey builder
  • Customer profiling and data segmentation
  • Social listening , sentiments Analysis & Target marketing
  • Marketing ROI , Channel & Spent Analysis
  • Opportunity, Pricing , Quotation and Multi language contracts
  • Omni channel Customer services and call centre
  • Field Service Management
  • Ondemand Transportation and Ondemand Maintenance
  • Customer, Vendors , Partners community portal
  • Tyre Rethreading and Vehicle inspections
  • Super App- All services in one App

RPA @ Transportation

  • Limousine booking and dispatch automation
  • Credit payments card reconciliation
  • Fuel and utilities reconciliation
  • Vehicle Onboarding
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Automate customer and vendors onboarding
  • AP automation

Twilio @ Transportation

  • OnDemand Location sharing
  • Multichannel communications
  • Ondemand video call on move
  • Booking via WhatsApp
  • Omni channel Customer communications engagements

Automation in Transport and Toursim

  • Transportation bookings
  • Live flight arrival notifications
  • Travel scheduling
  • Tourist onboarding
  • Tourist offboarding
  • School transportation management
  • Employee and labor transportation management
  • Vehicle leasing
  • Car rentals
  • Vehicle inspection services
  • Specialized transportation services to Government entities
  • Haj and umrah transportation services
  • University transportation management
  • Club members transportation services
  • Taxi services management
  • Limo services management
  • Land transportation of goods
  • Driving, training and testing administration
  • Valet parking services
  • Fleet management services
  • Vehicle onboarding

Case Study & Use Cases

Explore the Digital innovations at Transportation and logistics


Real time Flight Arrival status Update

Automate scheduling of vehicle dispatch with real time flight arrival status


Smart Service Station

Redefining the service journey from vehicle collection, bay management, key management and hand over

Case Study

Enabling intelligent customer 360 view, better decision making with trusted data and seamless experience with intelligent interface.

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Intelligent automation is a combination of RPA AI, Digital components.

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Robotic Process Automation & How It Works

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