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Connecting the Customers and Supplier together & engage with Omni Channel

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Move beyond the product with personalized service at scale

Become a sales-winning machine

Get a complete view of customers across all channels to improve cross-sell and upsell while generating more leads. With powerful CPQ functionality, sales teams can quickly determine the right solution for customers and simplify complex processes

Deliver intelligent service everywhere

Provide smart, personalized service with instant access to critical contracts and entitlement data in one centralized location. With omni-channel support, service reps can engage customers in real time using their preferred line of communication.

Ecosystems with Customized Apps

Build intuitive apps that enable customers, dealers, and distributors to quickly and seamlessly conduct business. And help internal teams across all manufacturing departments optimize and streamline processes with customized, enterprise-grade apps

Put the Internet of Things to work

Turn IoT data collected from devices, locations, equipment, accounts, and more into actionable insights that drive deeper engagement and accelerate innovation. And empower sales, service, and marketing teams to implement smart analytics-driven strategies.

Smaartt Intelligent Components For
Manufacturing & Distribution

An integrated intelligent Communication and Automation solution to enable intelligent customer 360

Digital transformation consulting services
Seamless tender portal                        
Customer Self Service                               
Real Time Shipping Update                                
Complex product mix with pricing                        
Order to delivery via whatsapp                        
Digital Onboarding Customer, suppliers and partners

Smaartt Intelligent Technologies in Manufacturing & Distribution

Salesforce @ Manufacturing

  • B2C Marketing
  • Sales & Service Automation
  • CPQ- Configurable pricing quote
  • Customer Services & Customer self service
  • Ecommerce platform

Twilio @Manufacturing

  • End to end sales using whatsapp
  • Delivery notifications and customer communications
  • Omni channel to engage with customer

Blueprism @ Manufacturing

  • Shipping update automation
  • AP Reconciliation
  • customer, supplier and partners onboarding
  • Productions schedule and control
  • Packing and shipping matrix

Blueprism @ FMCG

  • Reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Ordermanagement
  • Productmanagement
  • Logisticsmanagement
  • Collections
  • Production management

  • Research and development
  • Administration
  • Pricing administration
  • Supply chain management
  • Forecasting
  • Data management
  • Compliance

Blueprism @ FMCG

  • Complaint management
  • Loyalty scheme
  • Returns Authorisations
  • Credit reports (DSAR)
  • Month end reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Customer experience
  • Management

  • Reporting
  • Product administration
  • Compliance
  • Orders processing
  • Store planning
  • Research and development
  • Forecasting
  • Data management
  • Production management
  • Production planning System integration
  • Facilities management
  • Pricing administration
  • Mobile and application management Administration
  • Supply chain management

Case Study & Use Cases

Explore the Digital innovations at Manufacturing, Retail & Distributions


Real time Flight Arrival status Update

Automate scheduling of vehicle dispatch with real time flight arrival status


Smart Service Station

Redefining the service journey from vehicle collection, bay management, key management and hand over

Case Study

Enabling intelligent customer 360 view, better decision making with trusted data and seamless experience with intelligent interface.

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Intelligent automation is a combination of RPA AI, Digital components.

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Robotic Process Automation & How It Works

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