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Gulf Drug streamlines B2B e-commerce and Lead to cash

Gulf Drug is one of the largest distribution channels in the GCC region Gulf Drug streamlines B2B e-commerce and Lead to cash. Their services include clinical supplies, medical equipment as well as veterinary care.


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The UAE Healthcare sector continues to grow rapidly. Gulf Drug is one of the largest distribution channels in the GCC region. The Company possess 50 years of experience and a network spreading across the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. The services include consumer healthcare, private and institutional pharmaceutical businesses, medical equipment, medical supplies as well as veterinary care.

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Increase customer feedback scores


Increase customer feedback scores


Increased in up selling


Reduced Errors

The Challenges

Gulf Drug had different business processes and used manual intervention to support those processes. With rising competition in the healthcare and device sector, Gulf Drug distribution arm must transform their strategies to connect with more customers and get more opportunities. Also, to provide better and interactive Customer Experience. The key challenge for Gulf Drug occurred during the global pandemic and the lockdown when the sales representatives were unable to obtain orders for the pharmacies. Some other challenges are, The sales representatives had to visit each pharmacy take down orders on paper and the orders were entered in the ERP manually. Sales team had no access to stocks during customer visits since the ERP was on promise. This resulted in a lengthy sales process. During quote generation for medical equipment /mercenary it was done on a manually generated template on Excel, heavily depended on Excel calculations. Due to moving between screens and not having all information in one place, greatly effected in productivity. The leadership team had challenges in viewing reports and dashboards due to all data not available in one platform. The existing ERP not adoptable for operations and certain features were not user-friendly. Considering all these challenges, Gulf Drug chose Smaartt Digital Consulting as the Salesforce and RPA implementation partner.

The Solutions

Smaartt Digital built a wide range of solution on Salesforce Sales cloud, Community cloud and integrating with Gulf Drug ERP. Some ERP touch points include check invoices, statements, credit details etc. This is available on the community cloud for better collaboration, transparency, greater business insights.

B2B Commercial Portal

Gulf Drug has streamlined the order taking process through online community cloud, which is extended to the pharmacies and directly delivered the items accordingly. Also switching between screens and directly sending emails through one platform has minimized the time consumption.

Sales Cloud

With sales cloud, Gulf Drug leverages a 360-degree view of every customer-built relationships and engagement. Sales representatives have benefits in the form of forecasting, managing the sales pipeline and automating the quote generation process (which included multiple line items,` combination on products, difficulty on complex quote, custom quote process) for both pharmacies and machinery. Also, with connected lead-to-cash, cash flow improvement, customers having access to invoices, strategy across the front and back office.


Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Salesforce Support Omnichannel Customer Engagement that enhance customer experiences & engagements

360-degree View

Single 360-degree view of the customer, equipment, service experience, entitlements, and supplier network

Enhanced Service & Experience

AI-driven technology to enhance service technician performance on-site and enhanced experiences deliver the wow, increased loyalty and revenue

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