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Enhance customer experience with intelligent Digital technologies

Develop 1-to-1 relationships, access actionable client insights and supercharge your productivity all from one connected platform

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Engage today’s connected clients,
and exceed their expectations

Wealth Management

The future of financial services is here.

Clients today expect personalized outreach, proactive insights, and goal-based planning — delivered the moment they want it. Learn how to supercharge advisor productivity and create client relationships that last generations.



Be the bank that customers love

Retail and commercial bankers can access rich customer profiles across all products and business lines. With smart insights, employees can identify new opportunities to engage prospects, convert more leads, and create customers for life.



Meet the evolving needs of every policyholder

Deliver outstanding service when customers need it most with omni-channel integration across social, web, email, and more — all in a single Salesforce instance.


Capital Markets

Deliver world-class service to your institutional clients
The industry’s most influential investment banks and buy-side firms count on Salesforce to help them collaborate securely and streamline client engagement.

Salesforce Einstein Discovery

#Twilio @

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Customer onboarding via whatsapp
OTP via SMS and Whatsapp
Customer care with Omnichannel ( social, Voice, Text & Video )

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Your digital journey starts here..

Unlocking the potential of AI, RPA, IoT and Salesforce

in Financial Services

• Customer onboarding
• Accounts payable & receivable
• Fraud prevention
• Compliance & reporting
• Transaction processing
• Investment management
• Reconciliation
• DSO outstanding
• Credit checks

• Remittance
• Foreign exchange
• Data management
• Dividend management
• Reporting
• Loan, credit card & mortgage applications
• Auditing
• Write-offs and debt management

• Accounting journal entries
• Collections
• Service desk
• Notice to close
• Internet application Processing
• Quote through to pay
• Procure and partner Management
• Accrual booking

BluePrism @Insurance

Policy admin
Claims Management
Price comparison
Redemption processing
Fraud detection
Product administration
Bulk recoveries

Sales support
Broker CUE
No claims discount Credit card payment Administration
Debt recovery
Funds transfer
System data Synchronization
Resolve account data mismatches
Deceased notifications
Sales lead management Bulk payments

Case Study & Use Cases

Explore digital innovations in Banking and insurance

Customer Digital Onboarding


Daily reconciliation and closing using Robotic



Enabling intelligent customer 360 view, better decision making with trusted data and seamless experience with intelligent interface.

Digital Transformation Consulting


Intelligent automation is a combination of RPA AI, Digital components.

Intelligent Digital - Proof Of Value


Deliver smarter, personalized and more predictive customer experiences using intelligent Sales, marketing and Services automation with the power of AI.

Enterprise Operational CoE

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